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Best Ignition Lock and Car Key Locksmiths Mobile Locksmiths for Lost or Missing Car Keys We can replace lost, missing or broken for most cars on the road (with or without chips)(foreign or domestic). We travel all through in Buffalo, NY solving and fixing peoples lock and key needs for their cars. No need to have your car/vehicle towed to a dealer and be without it for a couple of days. We have been trusted by AAA for years. And we have done work for many dealerships in WNY when they need assistance with their vehicles. If you are looking for experienced, trustworthy locksmiths there is no need to look any further. Service Area Map

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Below are just a few common problems we solve everyday.

Lost, Missing, Broken or Stolen Car Keys Lost, missing or broken car keys can be very frustrating. We can replace lost, missing or stolen keys to most vehicles from 1945 to present. (with or without chips)(foreign or domestic) Call Best ignition lock and car key locksmiths Mobile Locksmiths for lost or missing car keys in Buffalo, NY 716-332-9292 will send a fully-stocked locksmith shop right to you, and we will get you back driving quickly. Top | Quick Links

Non Working Car Keys Worn or damaged car keys may not work reliably, or may not work at all. Modern vehicles require keys to be more precise than ever. After a couple of years your keys can start giving you problems. Transponder chips and/or electronics in the key can stop communicating with the vehicle. Call Best ignition lock and car key locksmiths Mobile Locksmiths in Buffalo, NY 716-332-9292 to get your problem solved quickly, by sending an experienced locksmith and a fully-stocked locksmith shop right to you. No towing needed for your car. Top | Quick Links

Transponder and Chip Keys Transponder and chip keys can be very confusing. The transponder chip is permanently embedded in the plastic or rubber head of the key and does not need a battery. Often times the only way to see the transponder chip would be to grind away the plastic or rubber on the head of the key. When you turn the key in the ignition, the car sends power to the key wirelessly through induction. After the transponder key receives power it transmits a long and unique number back to the vehicle. If the number transmitted matches the number in the vehicles computer, then the car will start. If the two numbers do not match the vehicle will not start. Most vehicles newer than 1998 have some sort of transponder or chip technology built into the security of the car. Chips in keys started to appear in the United States around 1989. Best ignition lock and car key locksmiths in Buffalo Mobile Locksmiths in Buffalo, NY have been working with this technology from the beginning. If the theft light on your vehicle blinks, flashes or stays on solid after you turn the key, that is a good indication your vehicle is not communicating correctly with the key. We have the equipment and knowledge to deal with most of these problems. Call Best ignition lock and car key locksmiths Mobile Locksmiths in Buffalo, NY 716-332-9292 to have your transponder or chip key problems solved quickly, without the need of towing your car. Top | Quick Links

High Security key If your high security key to your vehicle is lost, stolen or missing we may be able to help you out. Call Best ignition lock and car key locksmiths Mobile Locksmiths in Buffalo, NY 716-332-9292 to find out what we can do for you. Top | Quick Links

Our locksmiths serve Buffalo, NY and most of Erie county.
We also have Locksmiths in Minneapolis, MN,
Locksmiths in Grand Forks, ND and Locksmiths in Lafayette, IN
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Below is a detailed cities and zip codes list:

Amherst 332-9292
Blasdell 332-9292
Bowmansville 332-9292
Buffalo 332-9292
Cheektowaga 332-9292
Depew 332-9292
Eggertsville 332-9292
Getzville 332-9292
Grand Island 332-9292
Kenmore 332-9292
Lackawana 332-9292
North Tonawanda 332-9292
Riverside 332-9292
Sloan 332-9292
Snyder 332-9292
Tonawanda 332-9292
West Seneca 332-9292
Williamsville 332-9292
Canisius College area 332-9292
Cheektowaga (Galaria Mall) 332-9292
Clarence (Eastern Hills Mall) 332-9292
Cleveland Hill 332-9292
Elmwood area (Buffalo) 332-9292
Williamsville (ECC) 332-9292
Amherst (Boulevard Mall) 332-9292
Amherst (UB North) 332-9292
Buff State 332-9292
14151 - Tonawanda 332-9292
Buffalo (Allentown) 332-9292
Buffalo (Black Rock) 332-9292
Buffalo (Central Park) 332-9292
Buffalo (Delaware Park area) 332-9292
Buffalo (Downtown) 332-9292
Buffalo (Kaisertown) 332-9292
Buffalo (Lovejoy) 332-9292
Buffalo (North Buffalo) 332-9292
Buffalo (North Park) 332-9292
Buffalo (Parkside) 332-9292
Buffalo (Police Impound lot) 332-9292
Buffalo (Riverside) 332-9292
Buffalo (South Buffalo) 332-9292
Buffalo (UB South) 332-9292
Buffalo Niagara Airport 332-9292
Buffalo State University 332-9292
14043 - Depew 332-9292
14068 - Getzville 332-9292
14072 - Grand Island 332-9292
14120 - North Tonawanda 332-9292
14145 - Tonawanda 332-9292
14201 to 14280 Buffalo 332-9292
14224 - West Seneca 332-9292
14225 - Cheektowaga 332-9292

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